It’s official: Only the best city in the world, Montreal also has the most beautiful women in the world! Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but after asking over 80,000 of our social media fans what they thought, Montreal came out on top. Obviously.

Top Cities With Beautiful Women:
1. Montreal, Canada
2. New York, United States

3. Moscow, Russia

4. Medellin, Colombia

5. Vancouver, Canada

6. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

7. Tokyo, Japan

8. Los Angeles, United States

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

10. Toronto, Canada

11. Bucharest, Romania

12. Milan, Italy

13. Copenhagen, Denmark

14. Miami, United States

15. Shanghai, China

Now it’s important to clarify something: A beautiful woman is more than just her looks. We’re talking about women who glow both on the inside and out. Fierce femmes who strive to be better, stronger, less dependent, and more dependable. This is for the women who not only do amazing things everyday for the people they love, but also look great doing it.

Let’s celebrate womanhood in all shapes and sizes, because after all, Montreal women know that beauty is so much more than just skin deep. Here’s to what makes us so beautiful!

1. We are international.
With more than 50% of the population coming from countries such as France, Italy, Iran, Morocco, Brazil, and Romania (just to name a few), Montreal is known for its diversity and range of cultural backgrounds, making us truly international!

2. We are independent.
Self-sufficient, hard-working, and we refuse to settle for less than we deserve. We hold our own, and we do it so very well. We love a challenge, taking control of a situation, and we’ll out hustle you every step of the way.

3. We take care of ourselves.
We don’t need to look good for anyone, we like to look good for ourselves. With evergrowing hectic work/personal lives, we know the importance of taking care of ourselves. We (try to) eat right and exercise, we nurture our skin from our harsh climates and pollution, and know the key to fighting the effects of stress and looking young lies in doing right by our bodies with quality, natural ingredients.

4. We are well-educated.
With some of the best universities and lowest cost of tuition in the world, Montreal women are smart! Whether it’s finishing a Bachelors, striving for that MBA, or just learning a new skill, we take advantage of our resources and aim high. Let’s not forget that Montreal is ranked the Smartest City In The World. Smart is most definitely sexy!

5. We dare to be different.
Standing out from the crowd isn’t always easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. We set the trends, we define our terms, and we embrace our unique sense of style. Montreal women never follow, we lead!

6. We are driven and highly motivated to succeed.
It’s no wonder why Montreal was recently ranked as #5 best city in the world for female entrepreneurs. We take risks, follow our dreams and refuse to settle for less than we deserve. We Montreal women pride ourselves on being #girlbosses.

7. We work together.
There’s a tendency for women to compete with each other in other cities, but Montreal women choose to empower each other. We push each other to succeed and we build communities of strong women working towards one goal: To shine together.

8. We are passionate.
Whether it’s about social issues, animal welfare, or the environment; we fight for what’s right, and have the passion to see things through to the end.

9. We are experts at balancing our busy lives.
Work hard, play hard is our war cry. We are pros at managing our families, our careers, AND our personal goals with expertise and style. Sure, we are always busy, and we love it!

10. We age gracefully.
Blame it on our good genes, our inherent joie de vivre of living somewhere like Montreal, or maybe it’s that we are all just forever young at heart, but the pretty girls of this city really do become the most beautiful women, better than anywhere else.
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