Ryan Gosling
We know him as – Sebastian from ‘La La Land’
For now, let’s call him God-ling.
Keanu Reeves
We know him as – John Wick from ‘John Wick’
Will gladly get lost in the matrix with him.
yan Reynolds
We know him as – Deadpool from ‘Deadpool’
And then God said, let there be another hot Ryan.
Matthew Perry
We know him as – Chandler Bing from ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’
Bing on the hotness.
Nathan Fillion
We know him as – Richard Castle from ‘Castle’
Looking dapper is NBD.
Tom Cavanagh
We know him as – Harrison Wells from ‘The Flash’
Just flexing his way into our hearts this one.
Kevin Zegers
We know him as – Damian from Gossip Girl
Try resisting these boyish charms.
Stephen Amell
We know him as – Oliver Queen from ‘Arrow’
There’s suave, then dapper, and then there’s Stephen.
David Sutcliffe
We know him as – Christopher Hayden from ‘Gilmore Girls’
One smile with some icing on the side, please.
Daniel Gillies
We know him as – Johnny from ‘Bride & Prejudice’
Just cut some sexual tension with that sharp jaw already.

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